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Keep Calm - 
Electrolysis is Permanent

Electrolysis is the only proven permanent method for complete destruction of unwanted hair.

It is also is a fantastic and effective treatment to reduce or remove unsightly skin blemishes.

My professional clinic is equipped with Covid-19 safe medical hygiene standards.

This lady has transformed my face from having thread veins, brown spots and some unsightly marks on the end of my nose, to absolute porcelain skin.
I am so very happy she is in my life and will always recommend her.
Seeing is believing!! Thank you June

Karen R.

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Electrolysis works by destroying the hair follicle tissue so that hair is unable to regrow. It is the only treatment in the UK  recognised as permanent hair removal by the British Medical Association.

My clinic operates with state of the art computers and has a dedicated scrub room with full medical grade equipment. 

Advanced Technology

I use the Apilus xCell Pur computer, the most advanced electrolysis machine in the world.  All other national and international machines operate at 13.56 mhz. The mighty Apilux xCell cruises at 27.12 mhz. 


Fast, efficient and deadly to the hair and its complete destruction. 

Covid -19 Safe
& Hygienic

I take safe hygiene practices very seriously and have employed medical standards of hygiene for almost a decade in my clinic. 


All of my hygiene equipment is full medical grade so you can be assured of the highest standards of sterilisation for your health and safety.

Price List

Electrolysis is the only proven permanent method for the complete removal of unwanted hair.

Treatment takes place at my professional clinic, using the most up to date and powerful computer in the world, the Apilus XCell Pur. All my equipment is cleaned, bagged and sterilised with Covid-19 safe medical hygiene standards.


Consultation and patch test

(15-30 minutes)



15 minutes



20 minutes



25 minutes



30 minutes



45 minutes



1 hour



90 minutes


Price List

Clinic Hours

The clinic is open from Wednesday to Saturday.

Booking is essential as treatment is available by appointment only.

We operate a waiting list, so please email to make a booking enquiry. 

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